Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A little update

I know, I know I am a sucky blogger! But alot has been going on, Chris has been busy with School and work and I have my hands full with Easton and working and I am sure most of you know but we are expecting a little GIRL in July.
I am in my 3rd trimester and feeling good. This pregnancy so far is going alot better than my last pregnancy!
We are so excited to have this little girl and cant wait to hold her in
our arms!
Easton is the funnest little boy, he is talking perfectly now, it is so funn
y to hear what comes out of his mouth! He stays busy with his cousins/best friends at my sister April's house while I work!
He is very dependant he has to choose what he wants wear all the time, which is usually his pajamas. He loves sports and just by watching him you can tell he is going to be good at them, he is a natural!
We are loving life and cant wait to add to our family!

Here are a few Pictures of Easton that I took the other day! I asked him to pose for the camera and he really was posing!


Team Pettijohn said...

Great update Feather, and I'm so glad that this pregnancy is going better! I can't wait until you get to hold your little girl, and until her hair gets long enough for you to do! It will be a dream come true for you. ;) Easton is getting so big, and obviously takes after the Scotts if he is picky about what he wears and is a natural at sports!

Our Family said...

A big congrats on a little girl. YEAH! Very exciting!! Your little Easton is such a handsome young man!! Sounds like you're keeping plenty busy.

KGB said...

congrats! I am so excited for you and I am glad your body is holding up better this time around. We need to get together.

Our Family said...

That's funny that my Mom said we're having a girl!! We actually don't know what it is but we know what we're hoping for :-)